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how to restore old, neglected sinks

how to restore old, neglected sinks.

commercial cleaning accounts are often times the most neglected properties. property managers are always looking to improve the bottom line which means using cheaper and cheaper janitorial companies which in turn use cheap chemicals that can cause irreversible damage to counters and metal fixtures. thankfully, if the damage isn’t too bad, theory.® can bring these items back to life in just a single cleaning. however, our product is designed as a long term cleaning solution and is meant to restore surfaces over the course of multiple cleanings so a little “elbow grease” may be necessary on restorative style cleanings. lastly, the funny thing about “cheap” chemicals is how much you have to use. when purchased in the concentrated gallon, you can make 32 RTU bottles at a cost less than even the cheapest of bottles at your local store or janitorial supply. professional grade products produce professional grade results.

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