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power cleaner w/starter kit | 32 oz.
power cleaner w/starter kit | 32 oz.

power cleaner w/starter kit | 32 oz.

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Relentlessly Pursuing Clean.™

what you clean with matters; our commercial-grade natural cleaning solutions were designed to provide professional cleaning results to you entire home in three formulated dilution ratios. 

streak-free clean | everyday clean | power clean

What The Pro's Use

as a leader in the professional cleaning industry, Spencer Suggs was inspired to discover a natural cleaning product capable of meeting and surpassing the rigorous demands of complex commercial environments. theory.®, first pioneered in the market as an industrial-grade concentrate, industrial clean, proved powerful enough to clean the toughest commercial projects and yet safe enough to use on delicate surfaces for a streak-free clean.

directions: shake well, spray, allow three seconds dwell time, then clean. 

contains: softened water, non-ionic surfactants, sodium hydroxide, sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate.